USCIS Can Now Lock Misused SSNs in E-Verify

USCIS announced today that it has a new system in place to detect possible fraudulent use of social security numbers (SSN) to gain work authorization.

USCIS can now identify and lock those fraudulently used SSNs in the E-Verify system.  If an employee tries to use that number, the E-Verify system will report a “Tentative Nonconfirmation”, and the employee will have to provide documentation showing that the SSN belongs to him.

This “lock” feature is similiar to a credit card company that can freeze a credit card number if fradulent use is suspected.

E-Verify is a free USCIS maintained website that allows employers to log on, input an employee’s information (name, birthdate, and SSN), and see if the employee is eligable to work.

E-Verify is now the norm for most companies and businesses, who want to ensure they are hiring employees authorizated to work.  In fact, USCIS estimates that
for the fiscal year 2013, E-Verify was used more than 25 MILLION times to authorize workers!!  Furthermore, it is expected the government will soon pass a law requiring all employers to screen employees through E-Verify.
In light of these new security measures in place, it is important for certain workers to seek legal advice to get proper work authorization through immigration.

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